2011 Presenters and Panelists - Continued

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Jesse Thomas - Social Media and Creativity Panelist - is the CEO and Founder of JESS3, A creative interactive agency specializing in social strategy, UX and data visualization. Jesse and his team have architected visual masterpieces and interactive solutions for MTV, Nike, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Myspace, Foursquare, Gowalla, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, ESPN, TBS, Pfizer, NASA, Classmates.com, C-SPAN, AT&T, Red Bull, General Electric, Salesforce.com, Zagat and many other awesome brands too many to mention. Jesse is intense and focused, he rarely sleeps and is exuberantly passionate about his work. Earlier this year Jesse was featured in Washingtonian's Tech Titans list of "100 leaders of Washington’s tech world". Jesse, an entrepreneur, innovator, designer, visionary and eager learner, is always pushing the edges and exploring new frontiers. JESS3 has a thriving labs division that prototypes self funded digital products. @JESS3


Win Wenger, PhD
- Presenter - a pioneer in the fields of creativity and creative method, learning, and brain and mind development, is an educator, researcher, trainer, inventor, musical composer, and widely published author with an international following. He is renowned around the world as a creative thinking guru and author of 52 books, including the widely popular The Einstein Factor and Discovering the Obvious, and several CD series, including The Genius Code (with Paul Scheele). Articles on Win's work have frequently appeared in Success Magazine and many other publications. He founded Project Renaissance, an organization dedicated to human potential and increasing individuals' genius, where among other things, he produces the annual Learning and Creativity Doublefestival. Only one other living person has invented or discovered, and developed, as many techniques for creative problem-solving as he has.


Conference Graphic Recorder

Diane Cline, PhD, is President of Over the Horizon Consulting, LLC, which provides meeting capture, public listening and visual thinking partner services. She also lectures at the George Washington University. She was a tenured professor at two Universities before working in the intelligence field. She has written a book and numerous articles on many topics as diverse as philosophy, classics, art  history, foreign affairs, linguistics, national security and organizational development. Known for her creativity and broad scope, Dr. Cline has been a popular presenter for Smithsonian Associates and appears regularly on A&E and the History Channel. @DayJobView


Conference Soundscape Designer

Rasul Sh'air - Founder and Principal of Cnvrgnc,
a new breed of company: part design firm, part innovation think tank, and part business consultancy. In addition to providing, brand strategy and  creative marketing services for clients, Rasul is a self-proclaimed music aficionado. Having been an amateur rapper during the golden age of Hip Hop (the 80's) along with his travels around the world, his tastes for music and culture are vast and eclectic. His music interests range from 60's rock to Punjabi Bhangra to South African Kwaito. Rasul enjoys building his personal music collection and constantly looks for ways to blend the creative energy in music with his daily work. @Cnvrgnc



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